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Insurance Inspections

Windstorm Mitigation Inspections

There are seven main features in your home that may contribute to lowering your homeowner insurance premium:

Four-Point Home Inspections

Genesis Home Inspections conducts thoroughly documented four-point inspections that comply with current Florida insurance guidelines.

Our inspectors visually inspect and photograph:

Roof Inspections

Genesis provides homeowners and insurance companies with comprehensive roof inspections that complies with Citizens Insurance and other insurance companies' requirements.

The inspection identifies the covering material, roof age, remaining useful life of the roof, whether the roof installation was permitted and its condition. We also look for roof leaks inside the house and in the attic space, as well as for signs of repairs.


At the conclusion of each inspection, we take the time to review our findings with homeowners and, whenever possible, provide information about improvements that can help them lower their premiums.

Providing accurate, reliable and honest home inspection services to qualify South Florida homeowners for windstorm insurance protection.

Sample Four-Point Inspection Report

Sample Windstorm Mitigation Inspection Report

Sample Roof Inspection Report